Generic Bullet HellPrototype of generic bullet hell game made with raylibAki2 yearssummarylogtree
Roflnauts 2Smash-like gameRoflnauts 2 Team4 yearssummarylogtree
Starshatter: The Open Source ProjectMilitary space combat simulatorAki2 monthssummarylogtree
activityStatic generator for Github-like activity calendarsAki4 monthssummarylogtree
arch-ignorePKGBUILDs for packages provided by ignore pacman repositoryAki5 monthssummarylogtree
browseSet of utilities to browse the WebAki3 yearssummarylogtree
clipfsX clipboards in filesystemAki3 yearssummarylogtree
coreutilsImplementation of POSIX shell utilities, some more and some lessAki24 monthssummarylogtree
depstageFinds dependencies from .SRCINFO files and lists them in buildable stagesAki6 monthssummarylogtree
derelict/derelict3D visualizations of after the battle wreckage fields for EVE OnlineAki2 yearssummarylogtree
derelict/derelict-prototypePrototype JavaScript implementation of Derelict 3D visualizationsAki2 yearssummarylogtree
derelict/fieldWreckage fields aggregator for DerelictAki2 yearssummarylogtree
derelict/salvagerKillmails and battle reports scrapper for DerelictAki21 monthssummarylogtree
docker-ignoreDockerfiles for images provided by the docker repositoryAki5 monthssummarylogtree
dotsVarious personal configs that should probably be managed somewhere else or other...Aki4 monthssummarylogtree
ensureEnsures that packages in lists are installedAki5 monthssummarylogtree
fuelVehicle refueling historyAki3 weekssummarylogtree
huhGenerates HTML pages from HTML files, what?Aki17 monthssummarylogtree
hwd/hwdHardware simulator built for embedded C++ studentsAki20 monthssummarylogtree
hwd/hwd-pythonPython binding for HWD client libraryAki2 yearssummarylogtree blogAki5 weekssummarylogtree 2 - HomepageAki2 yearssummarylogtree The Open Source Project - HomepageAki4 monthssummarylogtree
kuratorA little 2D spaceship combat engineAki2 monthssummarylogtree
lc3Little Computer 3 implementation written in CAki3 yearssummarylogtree
lua-srcinfoLua module for parsing .SRCINFO filesAki4 monthssummarylogtree
markdownExperimental Markdown viewer compatible with browse utilitiesAki3 yearssummarylogtree
memeatUtility that allocates memory until killedAki21 monthssummarylogtree
mingw-w64-cmake-toolchainsLinux MinGW toolchain files for CMakeAki17 monthssummarylogtree
mirrorScript that copies git repositories in bulkAki5 monthssummarylogtree
namespaceUtility that wraps input with C++ namespacesAki20 monthssummarylogtree
nodemcu-wakeupSend Wake-on-Lan magic packets periodically from a very low power deviceAki5 monthssummarylogtree
ntRepeats command line arguments in standard output N times.Aki2 monthssummarylogtree
objectModule for OOP in LuaAki6 yearssummarylogtree
pi-calcCalculator for Planetary Industry in EVE OnlineAki23 monthssummarylogtree
pkgrelPrints out pkgrel number according to git repository historyAki5 monthssummarylogtree
plopFramework for prototyping request-response protocols and serversAki3 yearssummarylogtree
rudonePrivacy-respecting website traffic analyserAki5 monthssummarylogtree
starshatter/logoStarshatter logotypesAki2 monthssummarylogtree
starshatter/missionsCollection of Starshatter missions for playtestsAki5 weekssummarylogtree
systemd-dns-readySystemd units that help determine readiness of a net DNS resolverAki5 monthssummarylogtree
systemd-ready-for-shutdownSystemd units to shutdown server once scheduled tasks are doneAki5 monthssummarylogtree
szilagyiSoftware implementation of Szilagyi Waterspout IndexAki14 monthssummarylogtree
textSimple rich text renderer for XAki3 yearssummarylogtree
urlUtility for easy URL rewriting from CLIAki14 monthssummarylogtree
visitorBoring walking simulator made for Fermi Paradox Jam in 2017Aki3 yearssummarylogtree
waterspout-radarPredicts probability of waterspout occurring around given locationAki14 monthssummarylogtree
windyPython wrapper for APIAki14 monthssummarylogtree