AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-13Shuffled sections around for better visibilityHEADmasterAki
2022-09-12Added project definitionAki
2022-09-12Added venv, eggs and build dir to ignoresAki
2022-09-12Moved old script to the packageAki
2022-05-25Added names to the snapshotAki
2022-05-25Added locations to the snapshotAki
2022-05-25Moved zkill interface to own moduleAki
2022-05-25Added type details and moved esi stuff to own moduleAki
2022-05-25Added requirements fileAki
2022-05-25Changed to use same member name for killmail id as ESI odesAki
2022-05-25Streamlined quote and blanks formattingAki
2022-05-25Killmails' details are now expandedAki
2022-05-25Added CLI option to enable indented dumpsAki
2022-05-24Separated out a function that finds hashes for all killmails in snapshotAki
2022-05-24Readded gitignore fileAki
2022-05-24Committed changes from tinkeringAki
2021-05-01Fixed duplicates in teamsAki
2021-04-27Adjusted scrapper to new battle modelAki
2021-04-06Removed obsolete methodAki
2021-04-06Added teams to visualizationAki
2021-04-03Added kill scraping scriptAki