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masterFilled inner section with a distinct backgroundAki5 weeks
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2022-10-20Filled inner section with a distinct backgroundHEADmasterAki
2022-10-19Reworded and simplified community and contributing sectionsAki
2022-10-19Simplified blog section to a simple latest news at the topAki
2022-10-19Switched Contributing with CommunityAki
2022-10-19Removed navigationAki
2022-09-24Updated landing page according to september updateAki
2022-05-12Trying to fix SEO a bit with tags and titleAki
2022-04-08Added blog entries to page removed discord noticeAki
2022-04-07Added Magic release and Discord wanted requestAki
2022-04-07Intialized starshatter website as git repositoryAki