AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-15Replaced step-by-step installation with install(1)HEADmasterAki
2022-07-08Enabled warnings and optimizations in default configurationAki
2022-07-08Implemented naive tests for common casesAki
2022-07-08Added file presence checkAki
2022-07-08Added special matching case for root commitAki
2022-07-08Reduced number of variables used to control search state and resultAki
2022-07-08General clean-up, simple docs, code structure, constantsAki
2022-07-08Written a manual pageAki
2022-07-08Added install and uninstall targetsAki
2022-07-08Added error message when PKGBUILD file is missingAki
2022-07-07Moved lg2 error handling into a try-or-die functionAki
2022-07-07It will now actually print pkgrel number accordinglyAki
2022-07-06It prints changed lines in PKGBUILD nowAki
2022-07-06Implemented a naive printer for commits that change cwd/PKGBUILDAki