AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-31SWI calculation now may take wind speed criterion into accountHEAD0.1.0masterAki
2022-09-22Added eggs to .gitignoreAki
2022-09-21Fixed temperature units to delta Celsius degreesAki
2022-09-19No longer create registry in public moduleAki
2022-09-19Switched public interface to use pint Quantity to describe inputAki
2022-09-08Reworded docstringsAki
2022-09-08Defined maximums for the nomogram in the nomogram moduleAki
2022-09-08Enabled versioning mechanism from setuptools_scmAki
2022-09-08Wrote package descriptionAki
2022-09-08Marked nomogram module as privateAki
2022-09-08Extended testing samplesAki
2022-09-07Added error checking to public interface of the packageAki
2022-09-06Added stub tests to packageAki
2022-09-05Added missing init for main packageAki
2022-09-04Removed unused imports from plotsAki
2022-09-04Cleaned up plots moduleAki
2022-09-04Refactored edge cases handlingAki
2022-09-04Vector now supports x and y properties to wram real and imagAki
2022-09-03Moved all calculation logic to nomogramAki
2022-09-03Cleaned-up _dataset module a bitAki
2022-09-03Dataset is now loaded along the moduleAki
2022-09-03Moved Vector to datasetAki
2022-09-03Moved dataset loading function to dataset moduleAki
2022-09-02Marked dataset as privateAki
2022-08-31Wrapped points into a classAki
2022-08-30Filled SWI -10 dataset with more entriesAki
2022-08-30Included dataset in the packageAki
2022-08-30Extracted plots related stuff to own submoduleAki
2022-08-30Wrapped script in a packageAki
2022-08-30Added python cache directory to ignore listAki
2022-08-28Implemented naive interpolation for continuous SWI valuesAki
2022-08-27Refactored segment searching methodAki
2022-08-26The example plot is a bit interactive nowAki
2022-08-26Implemented finding candidates for boundariesAki
2022-08-26Implemented stub that plots the datasetAki