AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-24Utilities now assume they are available in PATHHEADmasterAki
2020-08-12Added dmenu_browse, an example wrapper for browseAki
2020-08-12Included support for SVG and some other image typesAki
2020-08-12Minor changes to block renderingAki
2020-08-12Removed obsolete commentsAki
2020-08-12Added support for same window opening through opener and browse in html viewAki
2020-08-12Improved opener interfacing slightlyAki
2020-08-11Changed browse and opener to support simple opening in the same viewAki
2020-08-09Implemented naive open-in-windowAki
2020-08-08Added script and style to elided tagsAki
2020-08-08Added support for // linksAki
2020-08-08Extended and moved out address resolutionAki
2020-08-07Fixed extended mime typesAki
2020-08-06Updated README with new utilitiesAki
2020-08-06Changed browse to use opener and phttpAki
2020-08-06Changed viewhtml to handle links with browse commandAki
2020-08-06Changed viewhtml to use phttp to get imagesAki
2020-08-06Implemented base address scrappingAki
2020-08-06Added some colourful output (only one, though)Aki
2020-08-06Changed phttp to collect more meta informationAki
2020-08-06Extracted simple opener from browseAki
2020-08-06Added very initial implementation of protocol daemon for httpAki
2020-08-05Added even more TODO commentsAki
2020-08-05Added README fileAki
2020-08-05Cleaned up and inserted missing commentsAki
2020-08-05Moved in html5 viewer from sketchesAki
2020-08-05Initial browse script; same as at the end of the postAki