AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-10Added copyright notice and license fileHEADmasterAki
2022-06-09Added group icons to wreck labelsAki
2022-06-05Added cameraman to handle cameraAki
2022-06-04Reduced grid extents for nowAki
2022-06-04Finalized Snapshot renameAki
2022-06-04Renamed DumpSource to SnapshotAki
2022-06-04Renamed to VectorMath for nowAki
2022-05-27Icons are now resolved using groupsAki
2022-05-26Allowed optional members in killmailsAki
2022-05-23Icons are now cached by filenameAki
2022-05-21Added naive icons loadingAki
2022-05-21Changed wrecks type to avoid copyAki
2022-05-21Simplified active label detectionAki
2022-05-21Moved view and window management to App classAki
2022-05-21Sorted std includes in ViewAki
2022-05-21Added naive TimelineAki
2022-05-21Find start and end dates in ReaderAki
2022-05-20Flattened Killmail representation a bitAki
2022-05-20Simplified JSON readingAki
2022-05-20Enabled warnings during compilationAki
2022-05-20Merged distance calculation functionsAki
2022-05-17Created a function for repeated distance calculationsAki
2022-05-17Changed mouse pos constnessAki
2022-05-17Added simple hoveringAki
2022-05-15Expanded label renderingAki
2022-05-15Separated Wreck from KillmailAki
2022-05-15Removed example sourceAki
2022-05-15Separated Projected into own header and renamed to LabelAki
2022-05-08Dump source now loads location informationAki
2022-05-07Added support for sample dump loadingAki
2022-05-03Moved view functionality into own classAki
2022-05-03Added source and related stubsAki
2022-05-03Created stub 3d space with 2d pointsAki