AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-26Fixed wrong types and conversion in Joystick MM inputHEADmasterAki
2022-10-17Tweaked gpg key installation and pacman config propagationAki
2022-10-17Fixed type in addressAki
2022-10-17Added butler-git to dependenciesAki
2022-10-17Switched to configure_file to consistently generate version fileAki
2022-10-17Fixed component installation identifierAki deployment script now deploys two packagesAki
2022-10-17Naively added components to install targetsAki
2022-10-16Implemented simple CI scripts to handle common tasks in pipelineAki
2022-10-15Added version file to build artifacts to support automatic deploymentAki
2022-10-14Fixed ContentBundle loading locale at initAki
2022-10-14Added content dat to ignore list for ModConfigAki
2022-10-14Added flag for downloadable resource to include them in default build targetAki
2022-09-17Fixed datafile not adding source filesAki
2022-09-17Path normalization will now remove cwd from relative pathAki
2022-09-17Changed to install ogg files directly into the file systemAki
2022-09-17Added cmake function to install resources directlyAki
2022-09-17Fixed access to possibly null pointerAki
2022-09-16Fixed archive entry path on WIN32Aki
2022-09-16Added vox datafileAki
2022-09-16Added option to skip source directory from datafileAki
2022-09-15Renamed EventDispatch and EventTarget by adding UI prefixAki
2022-09-11Replaced Datafile and StarsEx/Archive with dat and ArchiveExAki
2022-09-11Archive Find is now case insensitive like originallyAki
2022-09-11Added method to retrieve amount of entries in archiveAki
2022-09-11Fixed WIN32 build of datAki
2022-09-11Moved FilterFile aroundAki
2022-09-11Listing option now accepts pattern filtering like extractAki
2022-09-11Extracted fnmatch filtering to a higher-order funcAki
2022-09-11dat will now extract all files if no patterns are providedAki
2022-09-11Fixed extracting files to current working directoryAki
2022-09-11Fixed handling return value of create_directoriesAki
2022-09-11Implemented file extraction in dat utilityAki
2022-09-11Extended dat update action with recursive behaviourAki
2022-08-20Added options to inspect archive content in dat utilityAki
2022-08-20Added stub of CLI utility for handling archivesAki
2022-08-20Merged on-demand Archive creation to constructorAki
2022-08-17Added some utility scripts I used for some datafiles inspectionsAki
2022-08-17Renamed ArchiveEx namespaceAki
2022-08-17Hid Header definition from public archive headerAki
2022-08-17Added function to create an empty archiveAki
2022-08-11Renamed block map generation methodAki
2022-08-11Renamed Insertion and Extraction methodsAki
2022-08-11Code now consistently uses unique_ptr for arraysAki
2022-08-11Implemented inserting entries into archiveAki
2022-08-11Fixed null-terminated extractionAki
2022-08-09Added methods to inspect blocks in the archiveAki
2022-08-09Cleaned-up selected parts of newly added codeAki
2022-08-08Added a functionality that enables extracting files by their pathAki
2022-08-07Added method to expand stored filesAki