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masterFixed datafile not adding source filesAki14 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  starshatter-5.1.87.tar.gz  starshatter-5.1.87.tar.bz2  FWoltermann@gmail.com10 years  starshatter-5.1.66.tar.gz  starshatter-5.1.66.tar.bz2  FWoltermann@gmail.com10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 daysFixed datafile not adding source filesHEADmasterAki
14 daysPath normalization will now remove cwd from relative pathAki
14 daysChanged to install ogg files directly into the file systemAki
14 daysAdded cmake function to install resources directlyAki
2022-09-17Fixed access to possibly null pointerAki
2022-09-16Fixed archive entry path on WIN32Aki
2022-09-16Added vox datafileAki
2022-09-16Added option to skip source directory from datafileAki
2022-09-15Renamed EventDispatch and EventTarget by adding UI prefixAki
2022-09-11Replaced Datafile and StarsEx/Archive with dat and ArchiveExAki