AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-26Fixed compilation under CMake generated makefiles with EmscriptenHEADmasterAki
2022-04-26Implemented simple scoring systemAki
2022-04-25Moved flash to own class and used it as transition to death screenAki
2022-04-25Fixed debug value for game endAki
2022-04-25Added simple on-hit effectAki
2022-04-25Extended test staged with new enemiesAki
2022-04-25Added move constraintsAki
2022-04-24Added some colorful stuff and interfaceAki
2022-04-22Added invulnerability timer and death screenAki
2022-04-22Added Stats for lifes points and other kind of gameplay stateAki
2022-04-21Added support for msvc in cmakeAki
2022-04-21Changed to const as MSVC does not define constexpr sinAki
2022-04-20Added another generator and enemy for testing purposesAki
2022-04-20Removed pointless moveAki
2022-04-20Streamlined enemy compositionAki
2022-04-19Created factory to handle enemy creationAki
2022-04-18Added simple behaviours for enemiesAki
2022-04-18Added toggle for base generatorAki
2022-04-18Fiddled with enemy building and test generatorAki
2022-04-18Added removal of bullets above the field in ConstantVelocityAki
2022-04-18Added warning reporting build flags and enabled optimizationAki
2022-04-18Playing around with enemies, added dumb pos manipulationAki
2022-04-18Added naive enemyAki
2022-04-18Played a bit with example generatorAki
2022-04-18Fixed not switching direction back when holding keyAki
2022-04-18Added player speed dampeningAki
2022-04-18Added missing destructorAki
2022-04-18Added controller for player characterAki
2022-04-18Separated Stage from GameScreenAki
2022-04-18Cleaned up ConstantVelocity a bitAki
2022-04-18Renamed bullets header to simply ConstantVelocityAki
2022-04-18Moved collision checks to player classAki
2022-04-18Moved global game instance to a headerAki
2022-04-18Added base class for generatorsAki
2022-04-18Exported player to own classAki
2022-04-17Separated bullet generator into class and created system for bulletsAki
2022-04-17Added sample bullet and some generationAki
2022-04-17Added some details to title screenAki
2022-04-17Added dumb stub of game screenAki
2022-04-17Fleshed out skeleton with Game and Screen classesAki
2022-04-15Initialized with a game stubAki