AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-10Moved keyboard updates to one spotHEADmasterAki
2021-07-10Reverted C traps back inAki
2021-07-10Fixed type in USP and SSP save locationsAki
2021-07-10Fixed PC load in interruptsAki
2021-07-10Made sure that kbsr interrupt can be toggledAki
2021-07-10Added SSP initializationAki
2021-07-10Added initialization assemblyAki
2021-07-10Fixed interrupt/exception and related initializationAki
2021-07-10Removed C-implemented trapsAki
2021-07-09Implemented interrupts and exceptionsAki
2021-07-07Simplified error handling in read_imageAki
2021-07-07Added memory region enums preparing for interruptsAki
2021-07-07Extended traps preparing for asm implementationAki
2021-07-07Renamed COND to PSRAki
2021-07-05Removed getchar usageAki
2021-07-05Added mapped memory for displayAki
2021-07-05Implemented LC-3 with C trapsAki