AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-05Updated manual page according to new project goalsHEADmasterAki
2021-03-05Fixed addition of discard function to __indexAki
2021-03-05Fixed minor issues in flush and write growthAki
2021-03-05Removed return value from growAki
2021-03-05Implemented flush continuationAki
2021-03-05Added output buffer growthAki
2021-03-04Added missing free for output bufferAki
2021-03-04Removed old responseAki
2021-03-04Partially implementd writingAki
2021-03-04Added stubs to stream metatableAki
2021-03-04Reformatted default responseAki
2021-03-04Fixed incorrect variable nameAki
2021-03-03Extended default handler a bitAki
2021-03-03Added handling for 0 length readsAki
2021-03-03Fixed unused argument warning in readkAki
2021-02-26Implemented support for vararg stream readAki
2021-02-25Split and extended read and grow implementationAki
2021-02-25Removed old request parsing implementationAki
2021-02-25Fixed comparison and extended exampleAki
2021-02-25Implemented basic until readingAki
2021-02-24Added target to list configurable env variablesAki
2021-02-24Added help CLI optionAki
2021-02-24Cleaned-up minor issues in manpageAki
2021-02-24Updated manpage regarding default HANDLERAki
2021-02-24Added default HANDLER argumentAki
2021-02-24Plop no longer closes connection on yieldAki
2021-02-24Added arguments to stream's readAki
2021-02-24Implemented basic reading operation for readkAki
2021-02-24Add error echo in client handlerAki
2021-02-24Added read continuation functionAki
2021-02-24Replaced pushstring with pushliteral where applicableAki
2021-02-24Added strub for stream read functionAki
2021-02-24Readded response for this time beingAki
2021-02-24Added buffer and garbage collection to streamAki
2021-02-24Started progress towards coroutine-based connection handlingAki
2021-02-23Moved main Lua initialization to a functionAki
2021-02-14Fixed connection and request includesAki
2021-02-14Separated share directory for installation purposesAki
2021-02-13Removed connection reference from requestAki
2021-02-13Moved plop to use connection instead of just requestAki
2020-08-24Added connection stubAki
2020-08-24Added prefix to plop functionsAki
2020-08-24Added getopt to mainAki
2020-08-24Plop now makes sure that client fd is nonblockingAki
2020-08-24Extended error handling of accept in serverAki
2020-08-24Fixed most memory leaks in response.cAki
2020-08-16Removed unused http header and source fileAki
2020-08-16Added data to lua responseAki
2020-08-16Removed obsolete respond functionsAki
2020-08-16Changed to use Lua based response for errorsAki