AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-09Merge branch 'qitara'HEADmasterAki
2018-04-09Merge branch 'control'Aki
2018-04-09Love2D version 0.10.2 -> 11.0Aki
2018-04-09Added full spritesheet for swarm; Swarm is now available in character selectionAki
2018-04-09All smoke resetting logic moved to Hero; cleanupsAki
2018-04-09Last clean-ups of Player, I guessAki
2018-04-09Restructured Hero a little bit moreAki
2018-04-09Added onJumpStopped, moved jump timer reset there; renamed onJump to onJumpSt...Aki
2018-04-09Clean-ups for PlayerAki
2018-04-09Added onWalkingStopped and moved animation changes there from PlayerAki
2018-04-09Changed jump-related-variables to match to newer parts of codeAki
2018-04-09Punch animations firing now also happens in HeroAki
2018-04-09Walking animation start fires now inside Hero's onWalkingStartedAki
2018-04-09Added method call when Hero starts walkingAki
2018-04-08Merge branch 'love-11.0' into controlAki
2018-04-07Renamed setAnimationsList to setAnimations to follow love's naming conventionAki
2018-04-07Now uses getFixtures instead of deprecated getFixtureListAki
2018-04-07Changed values of colours in mask in newImageAki
2018-04-07Hopefully all uses of setColor now use values in <0,1> rangeAki
2018-04-07Replaced deprecated filesystem functionsAki
2018-04-07Added missing argument to new newSource functionAki
2018-04-07Love2D version entry updated to 11.0Aki
2017-10-27New Ribbit songAki
2017-10-27New Ribbit SongMilkingChicken
2017-10-03Merge branch 'alpha'v1.0Aki
2017-10-03Merge branch 'build'Aki
2017-10-03Updated conf and makefile to use love-releaseAki
2017-10-03Removed old ignore entriesAki
2017-09-30Jump moved completely out of Player (I think)Aki
2017-09-29Moved update part of jumping from Player to HeroAki
2017-09-28Para-interfacing of walking methodsAki
2017-09-24Added animated background and clouds to Alpha AbyssMilkingChicken
2017-09-24Animations should be now usable with background, not decorations yetAki
2017-09-23Hero walking moved from Player, separated into methodsAki
2017-09-22Respect pixels!Aki
2017-09-22Maps can be unavailable now too; changed loadConfigs to reflect thatAki
2017-09-22Allow all nauts to be selected in debug modeAki
2017-09-22Merge branch 'icons'Aki
2017-09-22Changed name of local buttonAki
2017-09-22Cleaned-up icons and items population for selectors in menuAki
2017-09-22Hero now holds config for World restartAki
2017-09-22Removed obsolete icons functionsAki
2017-09-22Removed obsolete attempts to load portraits atlasAki
2017-09-22Hero now properly uses split-up portraitsAki
2017-09-22Added getIcon for SelectorAki
2017-09-22Split portraits, menu now should use themAki
2017-09-22Split map icons, menu now uses themAki
2017-09-22Changed portrait quad property name in HeroAki
2017-09-22Split nauts.lua into several files now used by Hero and MenuAki
2017-09-21Hotfix for compatibility with selectAki