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masterAdded helpers to access specific scalar valuesAki7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-10-08Added helpers to access specific scalar valuesHEADmasterAki
2022-10-08Extended error handling and edge cases in Response initializationAki
2022-10-08Converted to numpy array and transponed the valuesAki
2022-10-07Added quick accessors for levels and parameters in PredictionAki
2022-10-07Initialize Response's levels and parameters directly in __init__Aki
2022-10-07Ordered StrEnum members to allow sorting LevelsAki
2022-10-07Removed iterator responsibility from PredictionAki
2022-10-07Renamed EntryView to PredictionAki
2022-10-06Documented point forecast moduleAki
2022-10-06Renamed Endpoint to PointForecastAki