AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-08Cleaned up Battle instance nameHEADmasterAki
2021-08-08Separated data source into a classAki
2021-08-08Moved slider interactions to StatusBarAki
2021-08-08Moved playback to TimelineAki
2021-08-08Moved remaining dom elements into StatusBarAki
2021-08-08Prepared Timeline to work with StatusBarAki
2021-08-08Moved part of StatusBar initialization into own classAki
2021-08-08Naively implemented TimelineAki
2021-08-03Created Timeline stub and separated Battle classAki
2021-05-27Extended play button and added time displayAki
2021-05-27Added tip to progress to indicate hoverAki
2021-05-22Implemented stupid playbackAki
2021-05-21Added new seekbarAki
2021-05-20Adjusted orange outline on wreck hoverAki
2021-05-20Added new timeline state for wrecks just before deathAki
2021-05-20Adjusted client to new battle modelAki
2021-05-20Removed icon loading functionAki
2021-05-15Added missing ship types to iconsAki
2021-05-15Replaced svg wreck icon with SDE bracketsAki
2021-05-11Disabled controls for hidden gridsAki
2021-05-11Moving js side slightly towards more libarary-like modelAki
2021-05-11Fixed toolbar on small screensAki
2021-05-10Reworked toolbar in view pageAki
2021-05-01Fixed frontend to work with new modelAki
2021-04-17Added battles storage to serverAki
2021-04-16Added stub go serverAki
2021-04-10Badly implemented grid switchingAki
2021-04-10Added simple instructionAki
2021-04-09Reformatted and extended copyright noticeAki
2021-04-09Made sure that timeline can always expire all wrecksAki
2021-04-09Added expired wrecks and extended timeline-based stylesAki
2021-04-09Moved labels to separate elementsAki
2021-04-09Added group id to dataset of wreck elementsAki
2021-04-09Added GPLv3 license file and copyright NOTICE fileAki
2021-04-07Removed obsolete trace logAki
2021-04-07Added stub grid selectorAki
2021-04-07Removed duplicated argument for positionAki
2021-04-07Moved grid helper to skirmishgridAki
2021-04-07Timeline is now time-based instead of killAki
2021-04-06Refactored center calculationAki
2021-04-06Refactored clusteringAki
2021-04-06Moved label a bitAki
2021-04-06Added pycache and json files to ignore listAki
2021-04-06Added teams to visualizationAki
2021-04-06Forced cache in ship type id requestsAki
2021-04-06Added more camera movementsAki
2021-04-06Made labels more distinctAki
2021-04-05Added ship type id resolution for labelsAki
2021-04-05Added stub of labelsAki
2021-04-05Added killmail openingAki